For Over four Generations since 1914! Online ordering is paused for the summer season. Please check back in the fall.
For Over four Generations since 1914! Online ordering is paused for the summer season. Please check back in the fall.
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Local Fundraising Info

Remember with school in progress now is the time to think about those fundraisers. Please feel free to give us a call so we can discuss options for your fundraiser. Please scroll down to read more information below.

In the last decade or so, we have worked with many local schools and organizations with thousands of bunnies sold by students. We are always thrilled with just how many people order bunnies and the exposure we have gained throughout these fundraising projects and the help we can provide to local causes.
It's always a great job by all!

In Christmas past we worked with Canaan, Dexter, and Newport on a Christmas fudge fundraiser with over 800 pounds of fudge sold by students from those schools!!! We were very busy!!!
We always look forward to working with you!

(Fundraising information)
I have posted deadlines and information below for our fundraisers.

Be the first to get in on the Christmas Fudge fundraiser at the very beginning of each school year by contacting us in September, booking by October 1st.

Remember to lock in with the Easter Bunnies at the beginning of January. We accept letters for Easter starting in January through January 30th.

We sometimes will do a Mother's Day Fudge fundraiser if we have enough interest, and ask to be contacted by March 1st.

All will be considered on a first come first served basis until we are at our capacity. Keep in mind we will fill up fast! Please follow the instructions below to be placed on our list. Thank you!

Send a letter to Nelson's Candies 949 West Ridge Road, Cornville Maine 04976. In the letter please describe a bit about how the funding is used to benefit your school or organization. Also state we have been approved by the school board or your organization to work on your fundraiser. Please include all contact information (including email as this makes it easier for me) for future fundraising and your organization's tax exempt #. This request is the first step to getting on our list and will be required annually for each fundraiser. Thank you in advance!

We appreciate your patience as we work out details to make it fair for everyone. We thoroughly enjoy being a part of our community and value each and every one of our customers.
Thanks so much for your continued loyalty.
~ Janet ~