For Over four Generations since 1914! Online ordering is paused for the summer season. Please check back in the fall.
For Over four Generations since 1914! Online ordering is paused for the summer season. Please check back in the fall.
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Spring 2021

Happy Spring Everyone!
 Dave and I would like to thank all of you who supported our shop throughout our season from Christmas to Easter. What a year it has been for everyone. Last spring at this time we were down in Boston for the Flower Show in our booth with our products when the show closed. That week, one by one, all our spring shows were cancelled. We came home and put on our brave faces and our masks and pushed forward to safely serve you. We didn't know what the future would hold as everything seemed so uncertain, but in all of that, you, our loyal customers, continued to want to support us. With understanding and respect you called in your orders or ordered online, as we asked. You came, waited in your cars as we met you curbside for your Easter candy. Who would have thought that we would resort to serving curbside? But we did, and we all adjusted in the months that followed. In late summer we could see what was was coming next for us, as it was clear this virus wasn't going away any time soon, when all our fall fairs were also cancelled. We hung in there and fortunately picked up a couple of wholesale accounts to help us through those very lean and trying months. And then at Christmas we were astounded by all the orders placed online for pick up and for shipping to loved ones all over the country. Dave and I in our entire 21 years here in Cornville, have never packaged up so many boxes for shipping during Christmas. Our Christmas turned out to be the best our shop had ever seen. Our local customers showed their support again this year for Valentine's Day and again for Easter. We are amazed by your support. As we end our first quarter with our spring shows once again cancelled, we cling to hope now with vaccines available that we can beat this virus and serve some of you as usual at the Cornville10 Mile Yard Sale in May on the 22nd and 23rd and then again in the fall at our fairs. Until then we will continue to ship until warm weather approaches and we will be open by appointment throughout spring or until our product is gone. We will be closed as usual for summer but I will be taking special orders for events. So, Happy Spring everyone. Stay safe, be well and enjoy!

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